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Local Missions

Partnership with Johnston Elementary School

Backpack Program:    In January of  2011, we began our weekend  "Backpack Program" at JES, serving 12 children . The program has continued, and we are now serving 20 children.   Each backpack
contains food for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 suppers and 2 snacks at an average cost of $6.25 per week. 

Back to School:   At the beginning of each school year we provide clothes, shoes and school supplies for several needy students.

Christmas Dinner:    Each year Philippi hosts a Christmas Dinner for all of the staff of JES here at Philippi in the fellowship hall.  It is a wonderful time of fellowship for all who attend.

Easter Egg Hunt:  2015 will be the first year that Philippi will host an Easter Egg Hunt in the gym at JES.  All of the children in 4k,5k, and kindergarten and their families will be invited to hunt eggs, play games, and receive a message about Jesus.  We look forward to great day of fun for all. 

Teacher Workday Breakfast :  On the first day back to school for teachers, and throughout the school year on teacher workdays, we provide breakfast for the teachers.  It's just a small way to try to give them one less thing to worry about that day!

School Building :  Some of the men and boys of Philippi have helped "spruce up" the school when needed like painting and minor repairs to prepare for the beginning of the new school year.

Reading With Students :  A number of our adults have signed up to read to the children.  Each adult is assigned their own class so they can develop a relationship with the children and they can committ to read as often as it suits their schedule.


We are thankful for the opportunity we have been given to serve Jesus by serving the children, faculty and staff of Johnston Elementary School and we hope to be able to continue this partnership for many years to come!

Philippi has developed a wonderful "partnership" with Johnston Elementary School.  Initiated by our Women On Mission and now lead by our local missions team, Philippi supports Johnston Elementary School in a number of ways.

Birthday Parties:    Once a month, a birthday party is held for all of the students celebrating a birthday that month.  Teachers and staff are included too!  This gives us another opportunity to share with each student that we love each one of them and Jesus does too!

H20 That They Might Know

H20 That They Might Know

Some of the kids giving out water

H20 That They Might Know

H20 That They Might Know

Adults giving out water

H20 That They Might Know

H20 That They Might Know

After the ceremony, we also clean up the empty water bottles and trash out of the stands.

H20 That They Might Know

Due to the size of the crowd, graduation for Strom Thurmond High School is held outside in the stadium.  As you might imagine, June in South Carolina is hot.  So, each year, church members give out bottles of cold water to all of the parents and guests attending the graduation ceremony.  It is a small way to show others Jesus' love for them.

Peach Blossom Festival Booth

The Johnston Peach Blossom Festival is a fun event held the first weekend in May each year.  Philippi sets up a booth to give out free water and other handouts to festival patrons.  You might even catch a church member making an occassional balloon animal to give out to the kids!

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