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For many years Philippi shared pastors with First Baptist Church of Johnston. The first full-time pastor was called in 1944.

Three missionaries have been called from Philippi. Rev. John E. Jackson served as a missionary in China and the Philippines; Miss Myrtle Salter served in Atlanta with the Home Mission Board; and Mrs. Frances Patterson Holston served with Wycliffe Bible Translators along with her husband, Dr. Frank Holston, in Peru, South America and the Atlanta area.

The history of Philippi Baptist Church is the history of men and women and boys and girls who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Countless saints, whose names are written in heaven, have given their efforts for the growth of the church so that Jesus Christ might be magnified as Savior and Lord.

Philippi Baptist Church was organized February 26, 1814. The founders were Thomas DeLoache, Francis Walker and John Landrum, according to our best records. We began with 25 charter members. Twenty-two of the members were white and three were black. The original church was located about five miles southwest of the present town of Johston. DeLoache was the preacher and led the church for the first few years of its existence.

In March of 1868 the church organized its first Sunday School. The next year, 1869, the black members asked to build a church for their own race and Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church was begun on a neighboring plot of land.

In 1886, Philippi left Edgefield Baptist Association and joined the Ridge Baptist Association. The Women's Missionary Society was begun in 1899 under the direction of Pastor J.C. Brown who served the church for thirty years.



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