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Girls In Action, GA's

Checkout some of our recent activities! 

Girls In Action is a missions discipleship organization for girls in 1st - 6th grade.   GA's is a part of the WMU (Women's Missionary Union) which is an auxilliary group to the Southern Baptist Convention.  Girls meet weekly as well as participate in activities and special projects where they can learn more about missions and earn badges.




Each week, class is opened with the GA Motto,

and the GA Pledge.  Followed by a mission based lesson that includes teacher instruction, activities from the  

GA World magazine and games.  Girls may also make

a craft or snack.

GA World Magazine

Periodically, the girls may participate in a special

additional lesson curriculum called GA JourneyGA Journey lessons build on concepts that the girls have learned about in class to further emphasize a missions lifestyle.  It is also another opportunity for the girls to earn badges for each of the activities they complete.

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