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International Missions

Above: Baptizing a new believer. Upper Left: Giving out candy to 

                   the children

Hanf Ministries


Hanf ministries is led by Rev. James Hanf, a former Pastor here

at Philippi.  Below is the Mission Statement of Hanf Ministries

and a link to additional information.


                                                      "Our goal is to Glorify God in all

                                                       that is done in Peru and we

                                                       want to minister in Jesus' name. 

                                                       We want to give a chance for the

                                                       people we come in contact with

                                                       to have a better life.  First, by

                                                       knowing  Jesus Christ as Lord and

                                                       Savior and then by living better

                                                       physically.  We want to provide

                                                       medical & dental help and

                                                       provide clean water for each

                                                       village, either through wells,

                                                       filters or water tablets.  80% of

                                                       the villagers sicknesses come

                                                       from dirty water." 





Handing out Bibles to an

Urarina Leader of the village of

Santa Rosa.  The group from Hanf

Ministries were the first white

people they had ever seen.

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